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  • Features

    One API integration for all email data use cases


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    RESTful API

    Simple all-in-one API

    Integrate email data into your application with a single API that works with all providers.

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    Easy-to-Use SDK

    Integrate with your apps

    Software Development Kit to integrate your iOS, Android and Web App with Sync.Email easily.

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    Email as a Service

    One integration for full control

    Sync data from any inbox in real-time. Create, Read, Update, or Delete content from any email.

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    All Inboxes

    From IMAP to Exchange

    The Sync.Email API syncs all inboxes support IMAP / IMAP Idle and Microsoft Exchange via ActiveSync.

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    Data Residency

    Global Coverages for Compliance

    Cloud infrastructure located in the US, EU or Hong Kong for your local compliance requirements.

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    Secure Integrations

    All user data is encrypted and isolated stored on cloud with multi-level permission checks.

  • Case Studies

    Featured Apps built on Sync.Email API


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    Email as quick and easy as text messaging

    MailTime is a mobile Email Messaging app that makes your emails as quick and easy as text messaging. Launched as part of TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield 2014, named Best of 2015 on AppStore by Apple and accelerated by Y Combinator in Winter 2016 batch.


    Learn more https://mailtime.com

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    Your every purchase counts

    Unlike traditional reward programs where you can only redeem rewards on specific shopping items with specific referral links, RewardMe automatically rewards you on the eligible purchases you made on various platforms, and even on other reward programs!


    Learn more https://reward.me

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